Advanced E-foil Rentals in Maui  

proper knowledge on how to ride them, so our advanced rentals must be approved by management. With independence comes responsibility—as a company, our number one priority is your safety while surfing, so you will be provided with safety gear: vests, helmets, and googles. EFH also has surfer beads, clothes, and surfing accessories for sale.  

If you are interested in EFH’s advanced e-foil rentals in Maui, Hawaii, please sign up today because space is limited. We work out of two locations in Maui: Kaanapali and Wailea. For your rental, we will meet you at a designated beach or hotel. After you book your rental, we will call you 24 hours before your appointment to arrange a meeting spot.  

As an experienced, seasoned surfer, you understand that there is no better activity than feeling like you are flying above water; that’s why we opened up this opportunity for veteran surfers to ride the waves solo. This advanced rental will give you the freedom to explore the ocean on your own.


Please contact us today if you have any questions about our advanced e-foil rentals in Maui, Hawaii. Give us a call at (808) 446-5068 or email us at You can also conveniently message us via the chat box. 

We hope to see you soon!

Ready to ride an electric foil board out on the ocean by yourself? At E-Foil Hawaii, we understand the awesome feeling of just having yourself, the ocean, and your hydrofoil board, so we offer advanced e-foil rentals in Maui, Hawaii. The electric-powered surfboard allows you to go at different speeds and is not reliant on wind or waves. 

The rental fee starts at $400 for an hour ride. All advanced riders must be 18 years and up. In order to qualify for EFH’s independent rental service, you must be confident and comfortable in navigating the e-foil surfboard while out on the water. The rental service will not include instructions from an EFH team member; your rental time slot will just be dedicated to you and your board. We only recommended our advanced e-foil board rentals to professional surfers. You can rest assured that we only offer our customers high-quality hydrofoil boards. The boards are expensive and can be difficult to maneuver without

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