Private Full-Day E-Foil Rental in Maui, HI

At E-Foil Hawaii, we believe that the perfect day is always spent surfing. Imagine spending all day soaking up the sun with the water under your board and the ocean breeze blowing all around you; what could be better? Nothing at all. We want to provide our customers with the experience of a lifetime with our private full-day e-foil rental in Maui, Hawaii. The EFH team will come to your house and bring everything you need to have an entire day of e-foil surfing. Our private rentals are the perfect way to spend some quality time with friends and family.

An advantage of an electric foil board is that it is not reliant on the wind or waves; instead, it’s powered by a hydrofoil on the bottom of the board. The board operates at different speeds, making it an exciting experience. With the proper instruction, anyone can ride an e-foil board. Our team will be with you throughout the day to provide you with tips and tricks for a smooth ride. If a rider in the group is 18 and under, they must be with an adult the whole time. 

The private full-day e-foil rental in Maui, Hawaii, starts at $1,800 for six hours of fun. We only provide our customers with high-quality hydrofoil surfboards. Plus, we conveniently bring the surfing experience to you in the comfort of your home. Additionally, the private full-day e-foil board rental in Maui includes expertise from experienced instructors. The instructors will be with you for the full six hours and ready to help whenever you need guidance. Your safety is our number one priority, so there will also be safety staff at the rental. We will also give all the surfers vests, helmets, and googles to help them stay protected while surfing. Check out our surfer beads and accessories that can be helpful to have during your ride. Browse our website to learn more about our protective shark deterrent bracelets. 

EFH’s private full-day electric foil board rental in Maui is also a great idea for birthday parties, professional clients, and any celebratory event. Book now to spend the whole day surfing in the privacy of your home! 


Feel free to send us a message via the chat box if you have any questions about our private full-day e-foil rental in Maui, Hawaii. You can also reach us at (808) 446-5068 or email us at

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