The Tides and the Fire: Namakaokahai & Pele


This mala is crafted with the invigorating stone known as amazonite (which ranges from soft creamy white to a deep black/brown and with a variety of blues, reds and teals in between), along with red jasper and rose quartz. It tells the story of two sisters, Namakaokahai and Pele, both very different from one another but equally matched in power. The two were torn apart by a lovers betrayal and continue to battle one another to this day. Pele, the goddess of lava and the volcanoes is followed by her sister, Namakaokahai, the goddess of the ocean and its tides. wherever Peles lava flows, it is always put out by the power of her sisters waves as they crash on shore.


Much like a rosary or other intentionally charged garlands carried by individuals, malas are aesthetic vessels made of our intentions and personal convictions.


Malas are used to enhance our awareness, strengthen our deliberate actions and faith, increase focus and aid in breath-work & meditation.


These malas are designed by Kamri Dillard and made on Island in Lahaina, HI.


Each design is one of a kind and made specifically for EFH; inspired by the beauty and bounty of both the land and the Sea.

"The Tides and the Fire: Namakahai & Pele" Designer MALA

  • The beads used are made from natural and sometimes raw materials. The nature of these malas is to be worn and loved over time; there is a possibility of them breaking over time. 

    We make sure to use the highest quality of beads and strings for each mala; neither the designer or the seller are responsible for damages or broken beads/strings after sales have been made. 

    Repairs are availalbe at a cost of $20.00 per unit to you, the customer. 

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