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About Us

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At E-Foil Hawaii, we offer electric foil board rentals and lessons in Maui, Hawaii. Electric foil board or hydrofoil board is a surfboard with a hydrofoil that extends below the board into the water. This design causes the board to leave the surface of the water at various speeds.

E-Foil Hawaii is a family-owned business and was created to bring this experience to the world!  We are currently located on Maui, HI, and offering lessons or rentals.

Powered foil board surfing is designed for people of all ages. Surfing on an electric foil board is like gliding above the water. Sign up today for an unforgettable e-foil experience in Maui, Hawaii. .

You won’t forget your first time foiling. Wings fly below while you soar above.  It’s easy and possible for anyone to learn, yet Fliteboard is engaging for even the most experienced water-sports athletes.

Electric foil boards aren’t reliant on wind or waves. Escape the crowds — fly anywhere, anytime. Ride alone, ride with friends, or share the learning experience.

The most exhilarating experience you’ll ever have, especially during whale season!  EFH is the only place in the world that offers this experience! We will provide you with the adventure of a lifetime when you use our electric foil board rentals and lessons in Maui, HI. Book early before your trip! The spots fill up quickly!


Determining how much plastic ends up in the oceans each year is complex. Scientists often quote a 2010 estimate that the 192 countries in the world with coast­lines were together responsible for about eight million tons.

That is about as much as a truckload of waste being tipped into the ocean every minute of the year.  Unless there are improvements, this will be two truckloads per minute by 2030. By 2050, it will be four truckloads a minute, and by weight, the seas will contain more plastic than fish. 

As a family-owned company that provides electric foil surfboard rentals and lessons, we understand how important it is to keep our ocean clean. We are working on a new tech that will allow its customers to clean the ocean one ride at a time!  Imagine experiencing the ride of your life, knowing your also doing your part to fix our reefs and waters!  This concept paired with their love for surfing and the ocean, was the idea that inspired the founders of E-Foil Hawaii.  They partnered with many national, international and local organizations to not only bring further awareness but really make a difference.