The colors and stones of this Mala are meant to capture the unbelievable beauty and mystery behind bioluminescent marine life. This happens both as a feature of evolutionary creativity and defensive abilities, witnessing this in nature is likely an unforgettable opportunity. Featuring labradorite and Aquamarine - each one tied by hand and intended to symbolize the magic of such oceanic phenomenons.


Much like a rosary or other intentionally charged garlands carried by individuals, malas are aesthetic vessels made of our intentions and personal convictions.


Malas are used to enhance our awareness, strengthen our deliberate actions and faith, increase focus and aid in breath-work & meditation.


These malas are designed by Kamri Dillard and made on Island in Lahaina, HI.


Each design is one of a kind and made specifically for EFH; inspired by the beauty and bounty of both the land and the Sea.

"Bioluminescence" Designer MALA

  • The beads used are made from natural and sometimes raw materials. The nature of these malas is to be worn and loved over time; there is a possibility of them breaking over time. 

    We make sure to use the highest quality of beads and strings for each mala; neither the designer or the seller are responsible for damages or broken beads/strings after sales have been made. 

    Repairs are availalbe at a cost of $20.00 per unit to you, the customer. 

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