"Where Lava and the Sea Collide"

Lava Rock + Amazonite + Raw Coral

This mala is made to represent the relationship between magma erupting from within the earths core and the shores of the ocean; where they are destined to meet as the lava makes its way to the sea.



Malas are aesthetic tools used to strengthen intentions, spiritual practices, breath-work and more. 


These malas have been designed for EFH and are handmade on the island of Maui; inspired by the beauty and bounty of the land and the sea. 

"Where Lava and the Sea Collide" Designer MALA

  • The beads used are made from natural and sometimes raw materials. The nature of these malas is to be worn and loved over time; there is a possibility of them breaking over time. 

    We make sure to use the highest quality of beads and strings for each mala; neither the designer or the seller are responsible for damages or broken beads/strings after sales have been made. 

    Repairs are availalbe at a cost of $20.00 per unit to you, the customer. 

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